Marked Completed Webflow Lessons across different courses

It would be awesome if when you watch a lesson in one Webflow university course, the other courses using that lesson mark it as played as well so you don't get confused or spend time watching duplicate content. Also, I'm more likely to take another course if I feel like I've already halfway finished it.

For example, if you've done the entire Webflow 101 course, you've completed several of the video lessons in CMS & Dynamic Content, but it doesn't yet mark those as played. I would love if it did.

Bonus would be for the course time to automatically update in the header with the content from the summary section. For example:

CMS & Dynamic Content | 30 min (14 min left)


CMS & Dynamic Content | 30 min (43% completed)


CMS & Dynamic Content | 30 min (8 of 13 lessons completed)

Essentially, I just want completed lessons to be recognized at the account level and not at the course level.

  • Aaliyah Jenkins
  • Sep 4 2021
  • Reviewed