Transfer a project with active hosting plan and custom domain

Hello, I found that most of the times clients want to keep the live version of a Webflow project in their account, rather than mine. I found that it's not possible to transfer a project with active hosting plan and custom domain directly, which involves a few steps and downtime.

It would be great to activate this ability, it would make our job much easier.

Anyone having this issue?

  • Dario Stefanutto
  • Sep 13 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Lions Creative commented
    20 Oct, 2021 01:35pm

    I'm surprised this isn't a more popular vote. I guess most people are building on individual accounts, so thats where the majority is, but being able to transfer a project with active hosting to a client would be such a useful addition. I know Editor X can do this, but everything else about Editor X compared to Webflow is just sub par. The only solution to this is to transfer the project before you go live with it which isn't always the route we want to go with all of our clients.

  • Brent Neale commented
    11 Oct, 2021 06:19am


    This is a must for us Webflow Experts who are developing client work and have clients who wish to take over their Webflow account (and gain access to the designer etc)

  • RightAbove Brands commented
    25 Sep, 2021 02:21am

    This is huge for us and we have had clients leaving the platform because they were unhappy with only editor access and taking the website offline for transferring is very bad for them.

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