Please add Payoneer payment methods to Webflow subscription payments and for our Ecommerce projects.

In Turkey we can't use Paypal and Stripe for years. We can't get proper answers from government and Paypal and Stripe as well. There is no any time or plan they share.

Recently I've researched other 3rd party payment injections but it is so complex and unnecessary burden for us. Additionally we have to pay for them too.

Could you please share your opinions about other payment methods like Payoneer. Can we get Payoneer payment methods for our Webflow e-commerce projects in the future?

Also we would like to pay our webflow subscriptions via other payment methods too. I hope I can do that with my Payoneer account as well.

Thank you

  • Burak Özdelice
  • Sep 14 2021
  • Reviewed