Ability to embed Webflow pages (ToS, Privacy Policy) in external apps (React, iOS, Andriod)

Preferably, we keep your users in your apps, rather than sending them to an external web page to read things like our ToS and Privacy Policy. However, content security policies prevent us from embedding the pages of even our own Webflow sites in our own apps. So, if we don't want to send our users out of the app, we have to store copies of these pages in our apps. These copies are tedious to maintain.

Use case:

Because Webflow is easy to use for non-technical people, legal and marketing teams should make their pages (ToS, Privacy Policy) in Webflow. These pages should then be embedded in web and mobile apps by the tech team, instead of being copied into the apps every time there is a change.

e.g. When the legal team changes the terms of service in Webflow, the web and mobile apps automatically get the update because that page is simply embedded in the app.


No need to host in 2 places.

No need to edit in 2 places.

Webflow can be the single source of thruth for the ToS, Privacy Policy, and perhaps even the About page.

Example where it is being done:
Regular Youtube urls can't be embedded either but Youtube does offer separate embeddable urls. Webflow could offer similar embeddable urls or a custom iFrame that safeguards the security policy.

  • Danielle Strijdhaftig
  • Sep 26 2021
  • Reviewed