Global interactions for HTML Tags

It would be great if we could set interactions for HTML tags, for even more control.

While we can set interactions globally with the use of classes, often I find that H1 tags, or images, I don't stylize with a new class, but rather within the tag itself, so it's quicker to build sites. I find that this also keeps the website CSS cleaner, with some basic HTML tag stylizations.

The issue is, once the website is built, and we decide that we want interactions, and let's say, want all H1 tags, to be sliding in when in view, I have to go back to each page, and apply the interaction separately to the element, or create a new class for the H1, and apply that class to all H1's.

I think it would be a massive time saver, if we could set interactions for a whole HTML tag, to prevent creating additional classes and unnecessarily reapplying them.

  • Szymon Zurek
  • Oct 2 2021
  • Reviewed