Form fields as variables

Possibility to have more parameters, other than siteName and formName for the form submissions.

My clients have been asking to have the same variables from the form in the subject field, so they know, by receiving the email, who submitted the data, i.e:

New form submission from {{name}} - {{company}}

  • Jonathan Crowe
  • Oct 5 2021
  • Reviewed
Forms / Logic
  • Quiz Live commented
    17 Jan, 2023 08:13pm

    Webflow is very backward missing this basic feature. With WordPress you can use a Gravity Form to control the subject field by inserting any variable you like including client and company names, and enquiry ID numbers, etc.

    Very disappointing as it means that incoming email notifications get threaded even through its from different people. You would think they would have improved this by now.

  • Hamish Palmer commented
    4 Jul, 2022 11:59pm

    With the small number of Webflow clients I have, this has been requested twice... I will move form processing to Formspree or similar in the meantime.

    It would be great to have the ability to show individual variables in the form submission email which we can then wrap with some basic HTML formatting.