ecommerce hosting plan - improvement ideas

So I have been a Webflow designer for years but am finally getting around to making an ecommerce site...

...and wow these ecommerce plans are aggravating!

The "perks" are so arbitrary and repetitive.

  1. I can't believe we are limited to X $ and Y items in sales per year... This is F*!&!G CRAZY. None of these plans should limit the amount or number of sales! Sales fluctuate so much in different industries for different items, not to mention you are already asking designers to jump through tons of hoops! Simply increase the transaction fees on smaller plans and reduce them on bigger plans. Getting paid more when ecommerce sites are actually working aligns Webflow with its customers (designers) needs and interests. Setting stupid arbitrary limits is disingenuous. BE MORE LIKE STRIPE

  2. I can't believe that there are so many repeated items in these lists to make them look bigger. STOP repeating items and use the waterfall concept "All features from {smaller plan}" then only list the things that are different.

Anyone else have some ecommers improvement ideas?

  • Roarke Clinton
  • Oct 12 2021