Greater z-layer control when needed (for interweaving layers). i.e. ability to force past nested-section layering

Most useful for moving components (or different speed scrolling). And it's useful for more interesting interwoven (vertically) design elements. And interesting design and moving components are why people choose webflow over things like squarespace.

  • The PROBLEM is really that it gets VERY difficult to have an image (in section A) under a layer at the top of the page (section A), but over a layer later down the page (section B), when the rest of the section B graphics are above the layer of the upper page A. In fact, it's strictly impossible. The image must be placed in section B at a spot that works, even if the image belongs organizationally in section A. This is why I have the image for a hero section in the third section of my page, but translated like 1500 pixels up the page.

And more detailed desire is that I know in the code you have the ability to force later sections to not layer progressively. That is merely a tool you use to make life easier and to stop the code from accidentally breaking a page because images have to be layered in some way. And you needed a method to auto-organize it.

What I want is a way to tell the page to let me break the progressively layering. AND/OR, a way to let me see and change the 'True' "z-layers" in the code background.

I also know that the change wouldn't be crazy hard (unless it's tied to a large array), though it definitely would involve creating some more complex page safety measures. Like... no two images can have the exact same "True" z-layer... or something of the like

  • Daniel Gruup
  • Oct 13 2021