Add an "Enable Browser Caching" feature to Site Settings

If this is possible it could be nice for site's that don't expect to experience many changes or shortly after finishing a big change.

  • William Wong
  • Feb 16 2017
  • Arnel Bukva commented
    24 Mar 02:02pm

    My agency loves using webflow, but due to a plethora of complaints from our clients about this feature (among others) not being available, we are planning to move all our clients to a alternative hosting and recreating their websites i wordpress, unless this feature gets added before the end of summer.

    Appreciate your good work (and product). But this is a vital feature for an agency like ours, and many others.

  • Rachel Brown commented
    24 Feb 04:52pm

    Needing to hone my page speed for SEO. Please add this in soon Webflow

  • Claudia Weason commented
    19 Feb 02:53pm

    please add

  • Peter Farrell commented
    6 Feb 03:30pm

    Please, please, please enable this feature ASAP!

  • Austin Mullins commented
    5 Feb 08:45pm

    This is one of several features that I can't believe isn't already there, and also find troubling that Webflow doesn't seem to consider it an urgent thing to attend to.

  • Marcel Deelen commented
    6 Aug, 2019 02:45pm

    I dont have any votes left, but yes +1

  • Austin Hellman commented
    19 Jul, 2019 01:38pm

    This is an essential feature. My page speed took a huge hit moving to Webflow hosting.

  • Ryder Meehan commented
    14 Jun, 2019 07:17pm

    Please add

  • IT commented
    12 Jun, 2019 01:02pm

    Please add this!

  • Kenji Suzaki commented
    16 May, 2019 06:53pm

    Essential for any site

  • Justin Countryman commented
    28 Apr, 2019 02:49am

    If your value proposition is selling to agencies and client’s of said agencies ask for high scores on tools like gtmetrix and google page speed tool, providing these updates are a no brainer. Please update so sites are optimized fully. 

  • MAO Ochoa commented
    23 Apr, 2019 02:11pm

    please this is essential

  • Jonathan Lapierre commented
    18 Apr, 2019 12:43pm

    Please add this essential feature

  • Abdullah Sabyah commented
    19 Mar, 2019 03:47am

    Yup. Can't agree more! 

  • Avaronnan Abhinesh commented
    5 Jan, 2019 01:40am

    need urgently. my web page score gets bad rating because of this.

  • Niccolò Miranda commented
    26 Nov, 2018 10:59am

    Please add this feature, it's necessary to optimize website speed. 

  • Pablo Montero commented
    16 Oct, 2018 11:08am

    I've arrived to the same path. Voted!

  • Aloha commented
    12 Oct, 2018 03:36pm

    we need this URGENTLY! 

  • Stephanie Jones commented
    2 Oct, 2018 09:49am

    Agree with Julian Wan, this is the only GTmetrix score that my site isn't getting A+ on. Please add!

  • Julian Wan commented
    22 May, 2018 02:41am

    Yeah, this is the one reason my site isn't getting speed ratings, everything else is A+

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