Much easier sign-up & hosting purchase process for our clients! Single link sign-up.

Howdy! I’m a small agency owner and I’m switching to Webflow for all my client websites. I’m a little confused on how to easily show my clients how to create their own Webflow account AND purchase the CMS Site hosting plan.

I don’t really want to go the Client Billing route because I want my clients to own their own site, while washing my hands of it unless they need further edits.

Common practice all across the Internet is for a customer to select a hosting plan, and then the account creation happens during the checkout process. Dead simple. Not so with Webflow, unless I’m not understanding something :)

Webflow has buttons under each hosting plan, but they all seem to trigger the account creation process and then redirect to the dashboard page with no further direction. It seems you have to create a project before assigning a hosting plan to it.

I clicked the New Project button in my own dashboard and it wants me to select a template before I can even give it a name. I selected the blank template and named it, and then it loaded the Webflow editor. This is NOT what I want my client to see!!! —a very technical and confusing website builder tool! At this point my client will be thinking to himself “why am I the one doing this? Didn’t I hire this guy to build my site?”

Right now I am thinking of creating a sign-up guide that will be either a bunch of screenshots and arrows, or a screen recording video. A bit ironic after selling my clients on the ease-of-use of Webflow.

What I would really like is to send them a single link to a hosting plan that included the account creation as part of the process. Once their account is created and their hosting plan is purchased, they could just send me their login info. No need for sign-up guides or giving me their credit card over the phone.

  • Clark AG
  • Oct 26 2021