Honeypot Anti-Spam Method for Webflow Forms

Google's ReCaptcha v2 seems pretty ineffective nowadays, it would be great if Webflow added some functionality to allow Honeypot fields which filter out automated spam that has made it past ReCaptcha.

I use the Basin (usebasin.com) services for many of my clients sites, but it seems a waste not to use Webflow forms, especially as the client can then access everything in one place.

The Basin team has a simple implementation for Honeypots on their service which keeps out all automated spam (placing it in a spam folder): https://usebasin.com/docs/features/spam-filtering

  • Alex Dixon
  • Oct 27 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Nathan Covey commented
    4 Jan, 2023 11:47pm

    Would adding this html to the Webflow form work?

    <input type="hidden" name="_gotcha"></input>