Remove search results page after it has been added

My wishlist item is to be able to delete the search page, or at least set it to draft status.

Once a utility page such as the search page is created for a project the page (by adding a search element to a page) then the page cannot be removed from the project. This page was automatically created in my project when I added the search bar to a page to try it out. I later decided not to include it on the website but the search results page can now not be deleted.

The reasons this would be useful are:

• To avoid google & other search engines indexing that unused page

• To avoid people visiting the page - Since a 301 redirect in project settings is not possible for existing published pages

• To hide it from editors who I have invited to collaborate

• To satisfy my desire to keep my Webflow project neat and tidy

There are some workarounds I have been provided by the very helpful Webflow support staff, I haven't tried them as the main reason I want to delete it is to hide it completely from my client to avoid questions. However, they may be helpful to someone else so I'll list them here:

To avoid search engines indexing the page when crawling, such as when crawling the sitemap.xml file, I could try a meta noindex tag in the head code for that page -

To avoid visits: Try location.replace code in the header of the page. Here is a screenshot example of using this on another page in a project -

To hide it from editors: There's no workaround however if the collaborator was to click on the page it should not allow them to edit a search page from within the Editor, but show a "For now, the Editor is not available on this page." message.

  • Lisa Richards
  • Dec 2 2021