Shortcut for a new DIV Block

C'mon Webflow! Add a quick shortcut to add a new DIV block like CTRL+1 etc .
  • Sahiljeet Singh
  • Dec 15 2021
  • Vicktor commented
    26 Sep, 2023 07:54am

    A keyboard shortcut is now available to wrap elements in divs.

  • Frank Filipplli commented
    14 Mar, 2023 06:06pm

    Webflow is REALLY slacking on updates and features over the years. They don't even try 🤦‍♂️

  • Jayse Hansen commented
    9 Apr, 2022 12:12am

    Agree with Kevin and the rest - quick div - and more importantly - quick div-as-parent. Select a div, cmd+option+1 and it's the parent of the selected div. This whole adding as the bottom child of selected is so tiresome. 90% of the time, that's never what I want.

  • Kevin Hannon commented
    11 Feb, 2022 12:49am

    We need this immediatly.

    I would go a step further and say to add a modfifier key that will SURROUND the element you have selected in a DIV.

    Thank you Webflow, you guys rule!

  • Rosie Way commented
    28 Dec, 2021 12:05am

    That would be a great addition pls Webflow <3 add this feature!
    Currently, I'm using command + E and search for div to make it easier!