Hreflang tag fields in project settings

To create multilingual websites using hreflang tags to tell Google there are multiple versions of the site/page that are targeted to different languages/regions.

if you could add all the relevant tags under one place and choose where they are stored (pages <head> tag/sitemap) and that you can choose to which pages you'd like to implement it. (or something in this direction)

This could be done under the 'SEO' tab in the 'project settings' for example.

It's just an idea and it may sound vague, but it would allow Webflow users to create multilingual websites relatively easy and could potentially be a good solution to offer some kind of multilingual functionality.

This, in combination with another high end Hollywood minded Webflow tutorial, would be an amazing feature in my eyes. 😊

  • Nicolas Stockmans
  • Jan 11 2022
  • Animation Liberty Sierra commented
    13 Jan, 2023 03:52pm

    The best post really bring positivism to a task that sometimes looks overwhelming.