Make Teams Affordable

Webflow should really reconsidering it's pricing structure for for Teams. The current price options are astronomical for a small business and although I love Webflow's editor (that's why I'm here) I've worked with perfectional web building plans from other companies that were way cheaper and provided way more features for a team plan (such as Duda). I know Webflow need to make money, but all things considered I'm already paying for a $450 pro plan then on top of that I need to pay over $800 for the year just to be able to share a team space with only 1 other person. That's absolutely ridiculous. That's a yearly expense of over $1200 which is a lot for a small business. Please consider a cheaper entry level plan or just simply charge the account something like $15 per user like every other team based software in the world.

  • Jan 13 2022
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    Webflow Admin commented
    23 May, 2022 09:03pm

    Check out the new pricing for Workspaces which replaces the old Team accounts.