Give Design Collaborator Acces To Specific Site Only

In this day and age of online collaboration, Webflow's collaboration setup is very expensive and often misjudged with the new digital collaboration works IMO.

Noticed this in Wix websites, I can give access to just the specific site for design collaboration. I am the owner of the site and it lives in my dashboard but the other Email holder gets an invite link to work on the website. They do not get access to any other site but that particular site only. Wix does not charge any additional amount as well for this feature AFAIK and it would be amazing to have this feature on Webflow.

  • Karna Corp
  • Jan 21 2022
  • In progress
  • Nov 22, 2022

    Admin response

    Control who can access different sites in your Workspace

    Customers on Agency, Freelancer, or Enterprise Workspace plans will be able to control which guests can access your sites.

    The Agency or Freelancer Guest role is just the first step to make collaboration between freelancers, agencies, and their clients more powerful in Webflow. Early next year, we'll release site-specific access, which will allow large teams (customers on Agency, Freelancer, or Enterprise Workspace plans) to control which sites invited guests can access.

    Site-specific access will also enable Enterprise customers and Enterprise Partners to choose which sites internal teammates can access, providing additional security and control to the way large teams work in Webflow.

  • C-Tribe Festival commented
    17 Feb 10:37pm

    Any progress on this yet?

  • Chris Kurtz commented
    11 Jan 11:23pm

    Is there a release date for this feature yet? Thank you!

  • Maxime Dubé commented
    30 Nov, 2023 07:20pm

    Are you planning to release this feature soon? Since the Editor is getting no upgrade...

  • Mireles James commented
    24 Jan, 2022 12:06pm

    teammates in your Team Management account have access to all sites in your account. As an account owner, you can choose which sites and site folders each of your teammates can access. When teammates log in to their team management accounts, they'll only see sites in which you've granted them access.

  • Rylan Reilly commented
    24 Jan, 2022 09:20am

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    22 Jan, 2022 11:13am

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