Stop duplicate classes of the same name

The Webflow builder should not allow you to make multiple classes with the same name. Some times I'm typing in a class and when I hit enter it creates a new one of the same name rather than just selecting the previews class I just made. It's incredibly messy when you're trying to go back and make adjustments to elements with the same name especially with a team of people. Because Webflow doesn't know which one you want to edit. As you can see in the photo I attached this is a small sample of all of the duplicate classes and combo classes that were created. Webflow shouldn't allow you to make 2 classes of the same name it's very inconsistent.

  • Jan 23 2022
  • INAGREAT commented
    28 Jan 06:11pm

    Yeah I initially thought it was just a problem with combo classes and then I thought it may be a problem with capital vs lowercase but now after testing it I see it is a far larger issue across all classes. No matter what class you are creating, if it already exists, the program will still allow you to make another one of the same name just by hitting the down arrow. Which is a major issue because when you go back to make edits Webflow gets confused. 😡

  • Cielo Corkery commented
    27 Jan 07:35am

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