Add the ability to modify paginated collection page URLs

The URL for my blog main page is /blog. When you dig deeper into the blog and get to page 2, the URL changes to this messy ending: /blog?447f3997_page=2. I can see value for leaving the page=2 in there, in case you wanted to direct someone to a specific post that's on page 2, but I'd like to remove the 447f3997 mess. Generally speaking, I would just like the ability to customize or modify the URLs on paginated collection pages.

  • Lesley
  • Jan 26 2022
  • Michael Wells commented
    30 Jun, 2023 11:22pm

    Page pagination does not exist in Webflow. Collection list pagination does. The key identifies which collection list is on page 2. Another collection list on that page might be on page 1. Yet another on page 10. This is necessary, since you can have 20 collection lists per page.

  • Ross Newton commented
    31 May, 2023 03:46pm

    Agreed, this seems bizarre. Not sure why every page needs some key ahead of the _page part.

  • Feathery Support commented
    1 Dec, 2022 05:03pm

    Agreed—would love to a clean, intuitive, and direct URL for page navigation and sharing.