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Can Webflow Team push Zapier on a new trigger/action/zap? Merged

I've found very usefull the possibility to create an action (a Zap) that populate CMS collection out of any Google Spreadsheet row added or cell modified: this is really great (have a try if you never did it).

Now assume you have a Master database in Google Sheet, and that you have a bunch of CMS items uploaded on the site of a customer. After a while the customer, thanks to the webflow editor, can modify on it's own an item or a field BUT there is not at the moment a Zap that modify the Google Sheet, so your Master file is obsolete now.


I've asked Zapier, to add such a functionality: they replied will be happy to implement this if they see there an interest from the Webflow Team or the Webflow Community. This is why I'm trying to get involved more people on this easy task. 

  • Masarati Pietro
  • Feb 22 2017
  • Samuel commented
    23 Feb, 2017 10:27am

    Let's split this up:

    1. You want an API event to trigger whenever a CMS item is updated
    2. You want Zapier to locate the same row on a spreadsheet and update it

    1 is possible, but unlikely to happen.

    2 is completely out of Webflow's scope.