Webflow Should Be 100% Free with no files limit

Referring to the account plans... apart from limits on files, the other benefits comes with site plans for individual sites. So as long as i can buy a plan for all my sites, I can use WebFlow free right? The problem is buying a site plan on everysite, some times some sites are still in the works or not yet ready to go live, designers have inspiration for new project all the time, the file limit has made a lot of people I know have multiple Webflow accounts. it does not make sense. I wonder how many people actually pay for the account plans, but I would guess not many, it does not make a difference if people are going to open a new account with a different email anyways, just scrap it. give everyone the ability to create endlessly and without limits, it would also be welcoming for new Webflow users and would reduce the confusion about plans. Webflow can still charge for teams and all. I just hate that I cannot hit "new project" when I want. sometimes it might even be a project I am trying to clone and learn from. you still limit pages within the site itself and that can stay. people learning Webflow on Webflow university have to create multiple projects and delete and create and delete just to finish a course building one website, make that make sense.

  • Joshua Okwe
  • Jan 27 2022
  • Mario Garcia commented
    26 Mar, 2023 12:43am

    I am happy that they remove the restriction of unhusted sites, for example, you can only have 2/10 active pages in the basic plans like free or freelance, it would be great to have several sites and only count the active ones that are published.

  • Robert Holtz commented
    27 Mar, 2022 09:01am

    So you want Webflow to pay the salaries of a bunch of people, keep a bunch of cloud server infrastructure running 24/7, support personnel, and software developers and you want all of it for nothing? Plus you want all your projects to run for free (i.e. at Webflow's expense) even if they hog up all kinds of resources? Give a thought to what you're requesting and please be reasonable. I am not trying to troll you but honestly do you really think any company in their right mind is going to just give this all away so you can have a free sandbox and have everything for nothing?

  • Brian O'Carroll commented
    3 Feb, 2022 09:48pm

    What about if every hosted site on an account earnt you two extra un-hosted ones? This would grow with you.