Improved Date Filters

Please provide an easy way to stop displaying after the date in a field has passed, or 30 days after. Super important for automating lists of date-bound offerings, such as classes and workshops, enrollment dates, etc. 

Take for example a date in future that is a deadline, after which the record should disappear from the webpage. The current option is "From Today to x Days in the Past (or Future)". It would be infinitely more helpful if it was "From x Days Before (or After) [date field]". Programming it from "Today" is basically useless for most applications. 

  • Amos Clifford
  • Feb 24 2017
  • Vincent Bidaux commented
    20 Nov, 2017 10:49am

    A list of things that aren’t possible with Webflow CMS with date/time, yet:
    — a date field that has no time
    — a time field that has no date
    — use international time (AM/PM didn’t bring you to the moon! )
    — break down time data in hour, minutes, seconds etc (mainly for style purposes)
    — filter on time (like “What’s the earliest screening of all the screenings entered for the whole summer”)
    — filter on a given month (“all events in August”)
    — filter on a month range (ie: calendar season, sport season etc)
    — filter on a date range
    — filter on a time range

  • Thomas Daly commented
    9 Jun, 2017 02:11pm

    I just hit a wall with my current project, and more robust date filtering of dynamic lists would be a HUGE addition. 

    I've built an Events collection, and each event has a start/end date. My goal is to present to our users an event listing in a tab component with three tabs:

    Tab 1: This Week

    this seems to be possible with current date filtering.


    Tab 2: Coming Up

    Seems impossible with current date filtering options, since it always starts with "Today" in the filter settings. I was expecting to be able to filter by picking the start date for the filter (ex: Next Monday, or +7 days from now through infinity)


    Is there another way to show collection items for "Next week and beyond?"


    Tab 3: Past Events

    Seems easy enough using current tools.

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