Ability to replace lightbox images using the Editor

This is something that feels like it’s been overlooked by the webflow team.

Currently, when replacing an image within the lightbox element from the Editor, the full screen image doesn’t get updated, only the thumbnail. I’d even consider it a big since it makes the lightbox unusable for client work.

  • Gustavo Dias
  • Feb 20 2022
  • Seppo Riiho commented
    25 Oct, 2023 06:02am

    I was pretty amazed to find out this is not possible...

    Seem like a way for Webflow to get people on the CMS plan.

    Not cool.

  • Andy Hoey commented
    26 Jun, 2023 10:44pm

    Agree this was a huge missed dev step, Webflow please add this ability ASAP.