Environment & Sustainability

To be focused as a company on your impact on the environment. To share in your main marketing what you're doing and what your aspirations for the future are (P.s. Net Zero Emissions by 2030 is far too late we must act now!). Have a dedicated page for example titled 'Environment/Sustainability' explaining, I quote how "near and dear to your hearts" this is. To not simply offset your carbon but to use renewable energy servers in the first place. To be pioneers in this movement. This is a huge opportunity, there are no Eco/Green/Environment/Sustainably focused codeless website builders out there currently. This is a climate crisis! The internet's 3.7% emissions are the same as Aviation. Give love to this seed to grow a Webflow forest!

  • Dreality
  • Mar 8 2022
  • Robert Ellis commented
    29 Jul, 2022 09:36am

    This is a big and important issue for us and many of our clients. If webflow invested in reducing emissions rather than just offsetting, and put in place steps to become carbon positive this would make webflow an obvious choice over a managed Wordpress site hosted with a planet positive web host (of which there are many).

  • Hamish Duncan commented
    21 Jul, 2022 11:27am

    Climate change is the challenge of our generation, and will only be solved by working together. Which makes so much sense for a collaborative community like Webflow! Pressure from policy change, societal pressures from activist consumers and industry disruption demands that we begin to live within our means. Consumers and governments expect businesses and brands to lead the change and prove their contribution to reducing the emissions responsible for climate change. So this is right up my strasse. The issue with many services like Webflow is that a large part of the carbon footprint lands within 'Scope 3' and outside of their direct control (i.e. Amazon Web Services - which Webflow is hosted on). Attached graphics is more generic, but you get the idea hopefully.