specific affordable prices in the currency of emerging countries

Okay I know, I know webflow is awesome!

It has suitable plans and offers excellent tools and resources for many, (comma) but this is for countries with currencies equivalent to the US dollar or the euro... Webflow has grown a lot year after year, and has embraced a relevant market on the Internet.

However, from my point of view I need to make the difficult statement that prices are inaccessible to a significant range of potential Webflow users around the world.

So I, a brazilian who wants to use all the resources of Webflow, am here facing this huge budget barrier.

The comparison between the American Dollar and the Real (Brazilian currency) is soooo high nowadays, it is on the basis of 1 to 6 on average. But not only that. The average hourly rate for a professional here in Brazil is on the basis of 25 to 30 Real per hour, that is, from 4 to 5 Dollars per hour, 8.5K Dollars per year, against a base of 50K to 80K in the average (or much more) of designers working in those countries.

So an entire market is affected because of this difference. For example: Brazilians are perhaps one of the people who use the Internet the most in the world. According to the latest official census, we are around 150 million Brazilians (over 15 years of age) using the Internet for various purposes. Solutions like wordpress, wix and other Webflow competitors command our market, even though they are so complicated to use. Other than that, many companies choose to develop their own information systems "by hand".

It would be great for Webflow customers, in a utopian world, if the price were, for example, 19, or 34... yes, without the currency sign... that is, regardless of currency.

I brought this issue with this data and perspective to suggest that Webflow starts to lead the market in emerging countries with the simple alternative of specific affordable prices in their currency.

  • Roberto Oliveira
  • Mar 10 2022