Design Token Sync with Design Tools

It would spent many people hours of work if there is a way top sync design tokens (colors, typo) between Webflow and






  • Georg Kuklick
  • Mar 26 2022
  • Nicolas Fol commented
    6 Feb 04:13pm

    Yes we need that, to let single source of thuth files connect to webflow.

  • Louis Chenais commented
    1 Jul, 2022 03:28pm

    +1 Georg!

    At Specify we want to help product teams do just that:

    We help you collect design tokens and assets from Figma, store them in a central source of truth and distribute them in your codebase in the format you want – automatically.

    Distributing design data to Webflow is something we would love to do but it seems Webflow API doesn't let us do this for now.

    Disclaimer: I'm one of Specify co-founder. If you want a demo feel free to ask ;)