Drop Twitter Links into a Page or in Collections and have the tweet auto-expand

WordPress, Coda, and Notion all offer the ability to drop a Twitter link into their editors and have the link auto-expand.

With Webflow, one needs to grab code from Twitter and then paste as custom code. This adds time to workflows and one can't see the full results unless published.

A partial work-around is to post a link into the location field when working with a Collection, but the content is sometimes cut off if it is a long tweet.

Would like to see Webflow offer support to embed tweets into pages and Collection items.




Thank you.

  • Colleen Brady
  • Mar 29 2022
  • Jack Thompson commented
    30 Mar, 2022 06:05am

    By design, collections do not implement specific rules or logic for sourcing or adding Tweets, leaving that strategy entirely up to you. For example if you want a collection that sources Myhdfs.com Tweets from multiple lists + a search + your own secret sauce, you can build that easily using the API.