The ability to drag and re-organize css styles in the style manager.

Depending on when classes are created determine their priority. For example: classes at the top of a CSS stylesheet can be overwritten by classes at the end of a CSS stylesheet.

The same is true in Webflow. When a class is created at the start of development it can be overwritten by classes later in development.

It'd be great to be able to drag and re-organize classes in the style manager. That way I can choose which classes have priority in the published stylesheet.

For example:

Say I wanted to create a set of global margin classes that added and removed margin-bottom at particular breakpoints. If I create the margin-bottom classes before my text heading classes, the margin I add to the text heading classes will override my margin-bottom classes.

This becomes a problem because I have to delete each and every margin class I created to then re-build the class later in development. It would save me time to be able to have full control over the prioritization of style manager classes.

  • Jonathan Little
  • Mar 31 2022