Trying to upload video saved in google drive


The work that I want to showcase is protected by NDA, and the safest thing seems to be to host the video on my personal google drive and then link to it on webflow (password protected project ofc)

  • Komal Basraon
  • Apr 4 2022
  • Mylab Corp commented
    7 Feb, 2023 05:42am

    You can upload a video saved in Google Drive to a website or other platforms in several ways:

    1. Embed the video: If you want to share the video on a website, you can use the Google Drive video embed code to add the video directly to your website.

    2. Download and upload: Download the video from Google Drive and then upload it to the desired platform.

    3. Use the Google Drive API: If you are developing a website or application, you can use the Google Drive API to access and upload videos directly from Google Drive to the platform.

    Note: Some platforms may have specific size, format, and length restrictions for videos, so make sure the video you're uploading is compatible before uploading.

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  • Marcos Johnson commented
    5 Apr, 2022 05:07am

    Open Google Drive on your browser.

    Log in to your Google account.

    Go to the folder where you want to upload the video.

    Minimize your browser window.

    Locate the video on your Windows PC and click on it.

    Drag it to the Google Drive window. ...

    Drop it and wait for it to be uploaded.