Add tables inside rich text element.

Tables are very useful to represent data in blog posts and articles and can be very helpful in SEO. Unfortunately Webflow does not support this basic feature.

Please include the option to add basic tables inside the rich text element to be used in blog posts and articles.

  • Kyle Fs
  • Apr 11 2022
  • Aram Melkoumov commented
    26 Feb 04:03pm

    Hello, All of my blog posts are currently leveraging CMS collections.

    I am currently stuck to the limitations of the CMS collection functionality if I want to add a table or any other functionality which isn't available in the rich text editor. I have a few questions:

    1) How do I add a table to the rich text editor in the CMS collection template for blog posts?

    2) All of my blog posts body content is currently attached to a rich text editor, if I add in a table using the Designer editor (instead of the rich text editor in the CMS collection), it adds this table to all of my blog posts? Is it possible to unlink a blog post to the CMS collection so that I can customize the blog post whatever way I want without affecting my other blog posts using the visual editor?


  • Tate Design commented
    3 Jan 10:41am

    Hello! Is there any update on this? We're trying to move some articles from Intercom to Webflow, but the Intercom rich-text is way more powerful and offers more functions that Webflow still doesn't manage in 2024. Even this richt-text used for the wishlist it's more powerful!

    Is there any chance or update on the subject?

    I believe updating this will make it easier for many businesses to switch from another CMS to yours. I'll attach the screenshot comparing the Intercom rich-text with the Webflow's one. It's hard not to notice the differences.

  • JP Garza commented
    18 May, 2022 09:43pm

    This is a must!