Payment Gateway for South America

My name is Bruno Sosa, Graphic Designer from Uruguay. Actually owner and designer at Omni, a digital agency of 10 people, where we provide solutions of communication, design and marketing.

We really love Webflow, still learning. Cant use it on client work still cause most of my clients are Ecommerce platforms.

I would love to make their websites on Webflow instead of Wordpress/Shopify, but I see theres no payment gateway compatible with our country Uruguay. Maybe PayPal, but people here are not used to it and dont trust it.

It would be great if you could expand payment gateways for Latin America. For example "Bamboo Payments", "MercadoPago" or "dLocal".

Or maybe you could add some "custom payment gateway" to add the ones more suitable for different countries.

Thats all, I hope that one day I can use Webflow for my Ecommerce clients.

Thank you!

  • Bruno Sosa
  • Apr 12 2022