Ability to duplicate Collection Page

It would be greatly beneficial to have the ability to quickly clone a collection, with it's collection page contents, and then modify it.

  • Tim Daff
  • Feb 28 2017
  • Apr 26, 2018

    Admin response

    Hey everyone! We'd love to get a better idea of what you're looking for in collection duplication. Help us out and fill out this survey: https://webflow.typeform.com/to/dNe1LY 

  • Dion Lovrecich commented
    10 Sep 08:49pm

    Dear Webflow, see Paul Seymour's comment.

  • Stephen commented
    17 Aug 05:18pm

    Definitely need this!

  • Paul Seymour commented
    29 Jul 03:53am

    2 years ago and you're asking for more informaton on what is perhaps the simplest request I've seen? Again, UX 101. Same reason you have duplicate pages. Do you people even look at your own forums? On the top bar of a collection... "Duplicate this Collection" Seriously, some of the most basic UX needs are forgotten. Please!

  • Bart Kuntz commented
    13 Jul 12:03pm

    Yes! We really really need this. I'm constantly repeating the same design steps for making a new collection wrapper with a differeny purpose. Love to see this get implemented.

    Thank you.

  • Peter Gowrie-Smith commented
    6 May 03:47pm

    Hey Webflow, I too need to painfully duplicate my collections God know how many time. It would be great to get this feature asap.

  • Aaron Magnus commented
    6 Apr 08:22pm

    I would be willing to pay extra for this feature. Is there any update?

  • Mario García de León commented
    25 Mar 09:24am

    This week I have to duplicate about 4 collection pages for 3 different domains (separate markets - same company). And each collection has between 25 and 45 fields + all the editor descriptions + number of characters range. Webflow you should do something about it quickly!!!!!!!!!

  • Andre Posel commented
    14 Mar 12:13pm

    cetttetteetteette fonctionnalité est-elle au planning des mises à jour ?

  • Ayla Hourani commented
    17 Feb 05:01am

    Still no update I guess?

  • Admit Ansatt commented
    16 Feb 03:53pm

    This would remove a lot of headaces from a lot of heads around the webdesign word :)

  • Gratia Ionescu commented
    15 Feb 12:35pm

    Yes, this is a must...add our voice.

  • Irene Rivera commented
    9 Feb 08:29pm

    This would be lovely to have :)

  • Sergey Stanchev commented
    18 Jan 02:19pm

    Use case: I have a 'Use case' collection with 20 custom fields nicely organized. I need to create two similar collections for 'Blog' and 'Company News' which are nearly identical but they must be in different collections. Instead of few clicks to diplicate collections and modify few fields I have to redo the entire set-up which is time-consuming process. I do have this kind of use case every third project.

  • Tae commented
    16 Jan 03:47am

    This wishlist was created in 2017 and still not implemented? Jeez...

  • Hope Idaewor commented
    5 Jan 05:38am

    This is pretty necessary.

  • Roy Wilkie commented
    17 Dec, 2020 10:42pm

    I can't understand why you would even have the feature of collection pages in the first place without the ability to duplicate them, or even have more than one. It's incredibly disappointing.

  • Yuma Heymans commented
    30 Nov, 2020 12:23pm

    Yes please

  • Rick ONeil commented
    5 Nov, 2020 03:49pm

    Perhaps a "collection template" that you can use multiple times.

  • Aleksandr Melnyk commented
    27 Oct, 2020 11:53am


  • Karen Ngai commented
    23 Oct, 2020 03:06pm

    any updates on this? need this feature +1000

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