Consider moving to or using Google Cloud

After yesterday's AWS outage, it could be a good time to consider other options, like Google Cloud. As the makers of Spanner and Kubernetes, they know a thing or two about networks and cloud computing. GCP is easier to work with and manage. It's more developer friendly, I hear. They offer simpler pricing, too. For example, while Google is constantly cutting prices, AWS's reserved instances pricing fixes the same price for several years, denying the flexibility and cost savings you're supposed to get with the cloud and tech improvements over time. This could eventually bring savings in costs that could mean lower hosting prices.

  • David Vargas
  • Mar 2 2017
  • David Vargas commented
    5 Apr, 2017 08:35am

    Espresso makes Google cloud faster, more available and cost effective by extending SDN to the public internet

    "Google’s network is a critical part of our infrastructure, enabling us to process tremendous amounts of information in real time and to host some of the world’s most demanding services, all while delivering content with the highest levels of availability and efficiency to a global population.

    Our network continues to be a key opportunity and differentiator for Google, ensuring that Google Cloud services and customers enjoy the same levels of availability, performance, and efficiency available to “Google native” services such as Google Search, YouTube, Gmail and more."