Add a Developer free Seat in Starter Workspace to solve Client Billing problem

The solution to the client billing problem is as simple as it is trivial.

Just add a free "developer" or "designer" Seat in each workspace to allow the client to access the interface designer and freely modify the website.

We don't need to earn more money through Client Billing.

I just ask that you give us the ability to access customer sites as a developer, it is a basic function of all other platforms.

  • Giuseppe Legrottaglie
  • May 31 2022
  • Shipped
  • Nov 22, 2022

    Admin response

    As we announced in September, our new Freelancer and Agency Workspace plans are designed with full-time Webflow professionals in mind, and a crucial piece of these plans is making it easier (and cheaper) to “drop in” to a client’s Workspace without requiring clients to pay for an additional seat on their team (or resort to sharing login credentials).

    The Agency or Freelancer Guest role does just that, and as we announced in our keynote, we’re in the very final stages of development and will be releasing this feature within the coming weeks (Update: this feature has released, check out our release notes for more information).