Ability to SET the Value of a Form Field Manually (eg: hidden fields, for form/script processing options)

How/Why this would be useful:

- On my Site, there is a Contact Form.

- The Form Script emails me the results of what was entered (using FormMail).

- This Script requires that a few "hidden" fields be set for setting the script's options, with the option names matching the field name, and the value matching your option preference..

For Example:

- What email address should the Script email the results to?

(in this case you would create a hidden field specifically named 'recipient', and set the value= to whatever email address you want the form results to be sent to).

- What would you like the Subject of the form submission email to be?
(in this case you would do the same thing - except you would name the hidden field 'subject', and set the value= to whatever you want the subject of the email to be that you receive each time the form is submitted.

..There are of course further options as well, such as being able to set the ability to have the submission email you receive contain info about the browser that the user was using when they submitted the form, and more..

But I'm sure you all get the idea..

The bottom line is, the ability to SET the value of a Form Field manually is not currently available in Webflow.

The Issues this causes:

Every single time I 'Export' my Code, I must manually enter all of these hidden fields myself again, and again, and again, and again.. It gets to be quite tedious.


So please, Webflow, I would greatly appreciate the addition of this ability..


- Studio2bDesigns.com

  • Studio2bDesigns .com
  • Mar 2 2017
  • A-Space Operations commented
    13 Oct, 2023 12:15pm

    please this is essential and so versatile

  • JoseJuan Lopez commented
    16 Nov, 2022 07:35pm

    Still not implemented after 5 years?

  • Paul Malan commented
    25 Nov, 2020 12:38am

    Weird that this isn't available by default -- along with the ability to add hidden fields to a form. Needlessly complicated working around this!

  • Zack Olivas commented
    20 May, 2019 05:02pm

    I would like to add to this:

    Dynamically set form field with url parameters.


    Hidden field ID: utm_campaign
    URL: www.yourwebsite.com/?utm_campaign=big%20event

    Upon loading the page the hidden field will be populated with: "big event"

    Once submitted, you will know what URL the user came from.

    This allows marketers to track where leads/ purchases come from and attribute them to events (big event), emails, ads, social posts, etc.

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