Filtering Custom Style Rules By Properties

Currently, the search is filterable only by class name. There should be a way to filter style rules by their properties should exist.

e.g. Typing out 'display: fixed' in the 'Search Classes' field should return all style rule tokens that have the property 'display: fixed', or any other CSS property that matches the query (e.g. 'width: ...', 'height: ...', &c.)

  • John Fallot
  • Jul 8 2022
  • Already exists
  • John Fallot commented
    12 Jul, 2022 04:36pm

    Uh, that's strange, I had tried this before and it hadn't worked. Ok, that's great! Thanks!

  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    12 Jul, 2022 03:42pm

    Hey John, this functionality already exists in Style Manager. Search by class name, property, or value. In fact, it is possible to combine them for a more complex search. Try it out.