Two-factor authentication (2FA) for editors

There already is a feature to add 2FA for designer accounts, but nowadays it is preferable (if not mandatory for most companies) to add this extra security measure to all accounts of a website for obvious security reasons. Therefore, it would be great if Webflow could add the option of 2FA for editor accounts as well.

  • NotuBiz Communicatie
  • Jul 20 2022
  • Cristina Peral commented
    25 Apr 12:56pm

    Our clients need 2FA authentication. Please, implement it for Editor roles. It's critical for public organisations to follow the law.

  • Matt Lenton commented
    6 Mar 12:06pm

    Our InfoSec team are insisting that we have 2FA in place for all websites and software, including the editor access in Webflow. Please put this in place before we're forced to migrate back to Wordpress.

  • Jon Burdon commented
    4 May, 2023 02:26pm

    This is essential. I have clients who will not use Webflow unless this is in place.

  • Thomas Heher commented
    11 Apr, 2023 09:44am

    webflow becoming more and more popular this should be addressed by the developers really soon as webflow systems becomes more interesting for hackers too.

  • Stephane Pouzenc commented
    15 Dec, 2022 08:33am
  • Stephane Pouzenc commented
    14 Dec, 2022 03:18pm

    The security related to the "editor" account is too weak. It is surprising that this issue is not more popular ! We really need it : "editor" entry is very vulnerable ! especially since the password can be defined and worse, reset directly by the editor himself : a simple access to his mailbox and anyone can modify the contents of a site... it is critical ! it allows a low level attack, with a great effects !
    We could ask for more control over the actions of an editor (logs per user, restricted access to certain pages, etc.), but this is the high priority that our cybersecurity-sensitive customers ask us: thank's to the Webflow teams for integrating this minimal functionality 2FA without further delay...