Support for Display-P3, LCH, and LAB color swatches with sRGB fallback


Add support for CSS4 colors that are more engaging than what we have now.


When designing with webflow, we are currently limited to sRGB colors. The P3 or display-p3 color space has 26% more colors and is supported on many modern displays, especially on smartphones from all manufacturers and all Apple devices. Wide-gamut (p3, LCH, and LAB) colors allow us to design with colors that pop and act as showstoppers in an sRGB web.

I believe Webflow should add support for P3 colors (with sRGB fallbacks for legacy support) as per the definition of the W3Cs CSS4 Color Module.


The attached file shows the same website in sRGB and in P3. If your screen does not support P3, you might not see a difference, or your browser will scale the sRGB colors down, relative to the P3 colors. The latter option will allow you to see the difference, but you will still not see the additional colors.

  • Wenzel Massag
  • Jul 26 2022