Fallback for Webp

I just restored an old backup after converting my images to webp. Reason: There is no fallback for older browsers / systems. The conversion worked, but instead of replacing the JPGs completely it would be good to get them after the webp conversion for example, to use them as fallback for systems that can't display webp.

  • Toby O. Rink
  • Aug 9 2022
  • Paul Carlon commented
    6 Mar 02:05pm

    This is sooo needed. I have a couple sites that could really use a simple, graceful fallback, really every site I make. For instance one client is a playhouse and has beautiful large images, originally I had launched with webp images which was super performant but, turns out, decent slice of their audience (including some of their board members) have slightly older android phones and none of the images showed up, yikes, had to switch everything back to jpgs. 😞