Basic Plan: Add at least 1 guest editor

Being one of Weblow's USP's: editing content on the front-end (which is great!) I find it striking that with a Basic Plan I can't invite a guest editor to edit the site.

There are a lot of websites that don't need a CMS (or Collections), just plain text-based pages are all what a client needs/wants.

So, I think that a Basic Plan should at least have the possibility to add 1 (one) guest editor to do small text-based changes to different pages.

Most of the Webflow designers here are freelancers that choose Webflow because of it's no-code approach: build websites visually and fast, and bring these sites online without the hassle of continuously updating plugins or core software to keep the websites up and running.

This also means that a lot of these freelancers serve clients on a more tight budget. A hosting fee between $12 or $16 (per month) can make a big difference in that particular client's budget.

And these clients want the basic ability to do small text-based edits without being dependent on the designer, who initially build the website, to do this and charge them on a weekly or monthly basis, budget-wise.

In short: Add at least 1 guest editor to a Basic Plan and make both the freelancer and the client happy.

  • Studio Opmeer
  • Aug 11 2022