Accept TWINT integration on Webflow

Please take a look:

This is the most used payment provider in Switzerland!

You will reach many more CH customers in Webflow if you accept this integration as a payment option on online shops.

  • All-It-One
  • Aug 13 2022
  • Raphael Huber commented
    15 Apr, 2023 06:07am

    Hi folks! Has anybody found a work-around for this? Would like to onboard webshop clients onto webflow but the missing Twint-integrarion is really a NO :-/

    Very thankful for any support and ideas!


  • Matteo Stadler commented
    21 Sep, 2022 08:16am
    Webflow is very popular in Switzerland. But nowadays it is required in almost every e-commerce shop to be able to offer TWINT.