CMS masonry grid layout

If you want to make a portfolio for anyone creative or make a blog for anyone that wants a blog, the masonry grid is a must. I would really really want to have the ability to make a masonry grid with cms items. 


  • Kjell Ruben S.
  • Mar 6 2017
  • Nicole Cmar commented
    21 Mar, 2021 06:04pm

    Is there any word on this yet? This is a must for most blogs, and I would love to have an easy way to make some posts span columns to be easier on viewers eyes.

  • Gianfranco Suito commented
    1 Mar, 2021 02:24pm

    this would be extremely useful, and I agree with other people saying that there should be more options to change columns in CMS grids.

    for example, offers classic and fluid grid styles. webflow should definitely draw inspiration from that and all the other features of that product!

  • Alborz Heydaryan commented
    20 Aug, 2018 05:06pm

    this should also work perfectly with items of different height. having a fixed width limitation is understandable. 

  • Alborz Heydaryan commented
    20 Aug, 2018 05:05pm

    I just went through all of the available forum posts for masonry grid. but they all fall in one or two categories or rely on custom code that doesn't work really well. 

    One thing that none of the solutions address is having the number of columns being dynamic based on the width of the browser. 4 presets isn't enough. I want the number to change dynamically between 1 and as many as fits properly. if someone opens the page on a 27" iMac I don't want 4 columns. I want 8! 

    also horizontal sorting is missing. it goes down in columns. not acceptable in many cases. people don't read websites column by column. they do the F pattern of scanning a webpage. columsn just goes 100% against this. HUGE over sight in my opinion. 

  • Roarke Clinton commented
    13 Jun, 2018 12:04am

    This has been around forever on Wordpress

  • Roarke Clinton commented
    12 Jun, 2018 09:03pm


    Add masonry, collage, slider, etc views to the CMS media editor asap!

    These are needed very badly. 

  • Nein commented
    2 Jan, 2018 06:01pm

    Would be awesome if this would be made a feature in webflow!

  • Pyramid City commented
    5 Aug, 2017 12:16am

    Yes please!

  • Robert Stammen commented
    21 Apr, 2017 02:05am

    Please make it sort the content/pics horizontally and give it the ability to filter ( e.g. buttons above the gallery grid) the displayed content (e.g. CMS Content Categories).

  • Marius Jurtz commented
    5 Apr, 2017 04:35pm

    Great idea!

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