Delete All Images in a Multi-Image CMS Field

It would be a great addition the option to Delete All items in a CMS Multi-Image field. Currently, we have to manually delete each item and it's so time consuming when we need to update image galleries periodically.

Please consider the idea :)

  • Andrea Pointon
  • Aug 17 2022
  • Steve Wallace commented
    19 Dec, 2023 12:01am

    Def need this! why isn't there the option!?

  • Kaleb Anderson commented
    9 Mar, 2023 02:24am

    Andrea, the fastest way I've found right now around the problem is to export the single entry from CMS, delete the entry, then import the item again but choose to not map the image fields.

  • Kaleb Anderson commented
    8 Mar, 2023 08:03am

    Agreed, this is really needed. Very time consuming right now only able to delete one at a time.