Grid layout in Rich Text Element

As a content editor, I want to be able to use a grid layout inside the Rich Text Field, so that I can easily create the layouts that are needed for my content.

  • Tim Trautmann
  • Aug 21 2022
  • Carolina Hurtado-Tambini commented
    15 Apr 08:51pm

    Same feeling, for my cases studies as a product designer, many of the content is visual, I have the multi-image, which is really helpful, but if this images has text, then I would prefer to use the Rich Text Element, I will like to layout the mockups with the text description in a playful layout, so please bring grid layout to the Rich Text Element

  • Rick Erickson commented
    14 Apr, 2023 06:27pm

    I agree. Not enough control in Rich Text Elements for doing more finessed layouts. Would be nice to have that control