decide what forms data goes to what email

  • David Musa
  • Aug 23 2022
  • Studio Oi commented
    25 Aug, 2022 01:48am

    Hi Webflow Development Team,

    This has been an ongoing issue for so long - 2015 from the foum discussions I have found. We transitioned our agency to be 'Webflow first' and rebuilt multiple client sites in Webflow and all new client sites in Webflow. Having different forms go to different emails is a basic feature and we had this when we worked in Wordpress. We love many things about Webflow but this is a crucial feature for many of our clients as HR forms need to go to a different location to a "Request a meeting' form etc

    Please please please move this up on the priority list and send an e-blast when it is resolved. We have invested a lot of time reskilling our team in Webflow and so have many other companies, please step up core features like this asap.

    Right now we are using a workaround someone posted years ago but it takes a lot more time and complicates what should be as simple as typing receiving emails into a field.