Better free tier

At the moment, the free tier is not ideal. As a multi-business owner who sets up websites a few months in advance, only having the ability to have 2 sites and 2 pages is a complete joke. My proposed solution is to allow more than 2, but disable publishing for the rest until I can move them to a site plan. As a developer, I know this is not resource-heavy at all to store the additional unpublished sites. Take a look at Figma for how they do their free-tier. That's called a good SaaS strategy.

  • L L
  • Aug 24 2022
  • L L commented
    24 Aug, 2022 02:08pm

    With such limiting plan options, it's no wonder people are resorting to using tools like Stacket to move their site off Webflow. I believe Webflow needs an internal strategy overhaul discussion.