Feat. Request: Invoices automatically send by mail to the billing email address

I have the possibility to set up a billing email address in the invoice settings of the workspace. So I receive the receipts, but not the invoices via email.

So it's a little bit annoying, because someone of the financial team has to log in once a month and manually download the invoice. It woould be a great feature request to automatically send the invoices to the billing email address.

  • Thorsten Wälde
  • Sep 1 2022
  • Mikko Hirvonen commented
    8 May 05:31am

    This small feature could save literally thousands of hours of time of Webflow clients per year. It feels so meaningless to do this 24 timer per year (2 plans) just because someone do not want to use half a day for coding this feature.

  • Tomasz Salacinski commented
    6 Mar 01:07pm

    Yup that's annoying

  • Florian commented
    20 Apr, 2023 10:00pm

    Come one guys that's a basic feature.