Fix Template Billing- Bill at Publish, not at Site Create

Webflow bills for templates whenever a site is created from one. This also happens when you try to clone a Template-based site, or even to restore a Template-based site from a backup.

All of this makes backup/restore and working with client site variations impossible, without buying multiple copies of the same template for the same project.

This also means designers can't try out a template to see if it will work for their needs, before committing to it.


Template billing should happen instead at the point a site is published.

  • Designers freely create new sites from Templates

  • Editing, etc allowed freely

  • No publishing or export until the template is paid

Ideally, Template licenses are tracked in the account, and assigned at publishing, so that I can unpublish Client site variation A, and then publish variation B in its place, while transferring the template license over.

  • Michael Wells
  • Sep 2 2022