Rich Text editor support for SPAN creation

There is no facility for any custom styling of words in the Rich Text area. We have to repurpose Bold, Italics, or now the Superscript/Subscript stylings in order to allow clients to do red alert text styling, yellow highlighted styling, etc.

I'd like to see the addition of 3 SPAN types in a Rich Text Area, which you can default to yellow-highlight, blue-highlight, violet-highlight. We'd be able to restyle these, of course, to whatever is needed for that client, e.g. Red text for a COVID policy alert message.

  • Michael Wells
  • Sep 3 2022
  • Jon Cole commented
    23 Jan 11:49pm

    This is an issue when writing documentation. Having to repurpose bold/italic/sup/sub for this is not ideal.

    I use span inside RTE for styling inline code & for styling class names, elements (i.e. All Links), & variables as they appear in appear in the Webflow UI.

    My suspicion is that this wish doesn't have more votes because people simply apply a class to a Bold tag or they use Finsweet's hacky solution. But this is semantically bad.

    My current workflow is to create a span in a Text Block & then paste it into the Rich Text Element, but I can't see a single reason not to support creating this tag directly inside the Rich Text Element if, once pasted it, it can be edited exactly as one would expect.

  • Michael Wells commented
    3 Sep, 2022 09:28am

    For people needing this now, I've devised a styling hack that repurposes the Superscript and Subscript styles to create two custom styles. However, this approach may confuse clients who have to remember to use the Superscript and Subscript styles to access them. It may also impact accessibility since Webflow generates <sup> and <sub> elements here.