Consolidated invoice

It would be great to have a single consolidated invoice for all plans, rather than multiple invoices sent and charged at different times throughout the month.

In our case, we have two Site plans and one Workspace plan, and each of them comes with a separate invoice. Having everything in one itemised invoice would make life easier!

  • Benjamin Smye
  • Sep 7 2022
  • Joalia Hospitality commented
    31 Dec, 2023 06:46am

    2023 = apps + UI update šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰
    2024 = consolidated billing + unique payment method per project šŸ’°šŸ’°

    Crazy how much of an issue this is downstream. Its so small but the lack of flexibility here puts agencies/dev shops in pretty awkward clients situations and then a real pain for bookkeeping. Webflow should have this functionality hands down.

    The Webflow product manager who decides to invest in this issue will score lots of points with the community big time.

  • Robin Waite commented
    27 Mar, 2023 06:18pm

    And also perks for agencies or businesses hosting multiple sites - Iā€™d happily subscribe to $100-200/mth to get additional sites. $29/mth per site is starting to get on the expensive side for hosting multiple sites.

  • Viggo Stenseth commented
    29 Nov, 2022 07:54am

    Yes please!