Ability to create 410 error page for removed pages.

The ability to add a 410 redirect vs. 404 will help us manage SEO in a quicker manner (search engines will see the 410 and know the page used to be there, but was intentionally removed, vs. serving up a simple "unreachable page".

More control over how we manage redirects is always a plus!

  • Marketing Operations
  • Sep 9 2022
  • Garrett Nafzinger commented
    13 Mar 03:00am

    @Michael Wells, not accurate information in every circumstance. There are specific use cases for 410 http status.

  • Michael Wells commented
    1 Nov, 2022 01:38am

    I've done some research on this, 410's actually won't make a difference to Google SEO. Have a read here.


  • Morgan Decker commented
    31 Oct, 2022 05:31pm

    Not having the ability to serve status 410 can really kill SEO for an ECommerce website. For example, I manage an artist's online store in Webflow. My client introduces Planters as a category, they don't sell very well so she wants to remove them from her site. My only option is to have the page 404 (bad for SEO) or I could 301 redirect it to a different page. If my planter category is gone from the website, where would I redirect this to? Paintings? There is no logical place I could redirect someone looking for planters when planters are no longer being sold on the website. Not to mention this creates misleading and confusing search results which I can do literally nothing about without 410.

    Sometimes status 410 is needed, particularly for SEO, please make this possible!